A report on Tablet PC market in India

A GrowthPraxis  report on Tablet PC market in India. Written by Vivek Gupta and Amit Goel. The Report is available for purchase at GrowthPraxis at an introductory price of USD 1500 only. For enquiries please contact: inquiry@growthpraxis.com or call +91-80-41231576.buy button 


Report Overview

GrowthPraxis research report titled, “Tablet PC Market in India: Adoption scenario & future opportunities” provides an overview on the currrent Indian & world-wide market for tablet PCs and future growth prospects with regards to tablet PC sales. The report provides detailed coverage of world-wide tablet PC market in terms of operating system, screen-size, application processors and mode of connectivity along with adoption trends in apps for tablet PCs. The report lays special emphasis on tablet PC market in India, providing details on current adoption scenario of desktop and tablet PCs in India. It provides details on growth projections in tablet PC sales for various screen-sizes, besides market-size by OS, application processors and mode of connectivity. The report also covers competitive landscape for tablet PC vendors in India covering both domestic & international tablet PC vendors. Current adoption trends across verticals such as education, government and healthcare,  along with verticals with future potential with regards to tablet PC adoption have also been identified in the report.

Executive Summary:

Tablet PC market has emerged as one of the most dynamic segment in consumer electronics in recent times. Consumer demand patterns for computing devices have been constantly evolving with ability to multi-task, portability, network connectivity, long battery life along with decent software and hardware being the most sought after requirements in computing devices. With rise in mobile population and increased proliferation of Wi – Fi & mobile broadband networks such as 3G and 4G, tablet PCs have emerged as a viable option to fulfill the communication, entertainment & connectivity requirements of consumers on- the-go. Need for devices like tablet PCs have also gained impetus with BYOD gaining traction amongst enterprises across the globe.

GrowthPraxis research indicates that tablet PC sales worldwide will reach 388 million units in 2016, surpassing the combined sales of desktops, laptops and ultrabooks in terms of volume, while revenues from tablet PC sales are expected to multiply five times between 2012 – 2016. Currently in nascent stages of adoption, tablet PC market in India is expected to show robust growth in the next five years with revenues from tablet PC sales reaching $6.5B by 2016 as consumers increasingly realize value-proposition being offered by tablet PCs. Indian market represents a distinct picture as compared to world-wide scenario  – Apple’s iPad has gained limited success in price-sensitive Indian market while adoption patterns in terms of OS and screen-size for tablet PCs have also  been different from world-wide trends. Growth of tablet PC market in India is expected to be accompanied by corresponding rise in apps for tablet PCs. The report covers the tablet PC apps market, specifically the iPad apps market in India. The report also has the price-volume analysis for various tablet PC vendors in India, identifying the realistic sales volumes that can be expected at given price points in India.

Tablet PC market share by OS in India

Tablet PC market in India is currently cluttered with numerous product offerings from both domestic and international vendors. The report covers the current competitive landscape prevalent in the market with profiling of key vendors such as Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Micromax, Karbonn, HCL besides host of others, highlighting their current and future sales projections, product split by price-points, their key vendors/suppliers and future potential for each tablet PC vendor.

As part of the study, GrowthPraxis has validated market-size and various growth projections from Industry experts.

Key questions answered:

  • What is the total tablet PC market-size worldwide in terms of volume and revenues and what are future growth projections?
  • How are apps for tablet PCs influencing the market?
  • What are tablet PC adoption trends in terms of OS, screen-size, mode of connectivity and application processors?
  • What is the tablet PC market-size and adoption trends in India?
  • How is the competitive landscape in India and what are the key product strategies of domestic and international players in India?
  • What are the key sectors witnessing adoption of tablet PCs in India and promising sectors in future?

Table of contents

1. Worldwide market

1.1 Desktop PC & Tablet PC Market
1.2 Market-size by operating system
1.3 Market-size by application processor
1.4 Market-size by screen-size
1.5 Market-size by mode of connectivity
2. Indian market
2.1 Desktop PC & Tablet PC Market
2.2 Market-size by operating system
2.3 Market-size by application processor
2.4 Market-size by screen-size
2.5 Market-size by mode of connectivity
3. Tablet PC – Competitive landscape in India3.1 Apple Inc3.2 Samsung3.3 RIM3.4 Micromax3.5 Karbonn3.6 HCL3.7 RCOM
4. Worldwide Apps market for tablet PCs
4.1 Worldwide tablet PC apps market-size
4.2 Worldwide iPad app trends5. Indian Apps market for tablet PCs5.1 iPad app market growth in India5.2 iPad app trends in India
6. Vertical-wise tablet PC adoption trends in India
6.1 Current adoption trends
6.2 Future prospects