Automotive and Ancillary


Industry Overview

The Automotive industry continues to be the most exciting and challenging of the industries. The OEM’s as well as dealers in the industry are facing the effects of over capacity, shrinking demand in developed economies such as North America, Europe and Japan; maturing growth in China and uncertain business climate in India, and other BRIC countries. Furthermore, radical changes in emission regulations across the globe and escalating fuel costs are also affecting the firms in the sector.

As a result, the global Automotive, Off-Highway and allied industries are in the course of major transformation. The industry is now focused on technological advancements such as connected cars, and new market opportunities. First stage of transformation is to sell products across the developing markets which offer tremendous opportunity for these OEM’s. Additionally, these markets also provide an opportunity for these OEM’s to source components at attractive prices. Some of the global firms are also looking at setting full fledged production plants in this region, due to large pool of talented workforce which is available at competitive prices.

The second stage of transformation is occurring in developed markets where, the emphasis is on innovation and alternate fuel technology. Rising costs in developed markets where currently 80% of the automotive production takes place has been moving towards assembly manufacturing and contract manufacturing.

Key Services

GrowthPraxis works with Automotive OEM’s, Off-Highway machinery manufacturers, Dealers & Ancillary firms by addressing key industry concerns. Key areas where we have worked in the sector are highlighted below 

  • Market Entry and Growth Strategy
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Operations Effectiveness
  • R&D and Plant Location Selection
  • Business Plan Development
  • Dealer Network Design and Set up
  • Sales Force Effectiveness

Client Success Stories

Case Study_1

 Improving market share for a construction machinery manufacturer

 A leading Indian construction machinery manufacturer wanted to improve  its  market share and brand image   Read More>>

Picture1 Process optimization for a leading chassis  manufacturer 

 Rapid growth in business resulted in increased operational cost. We helped  our client cut cost and improve profitability   Read More>>>


 CIS market entry for a leading fuel injectors & pump manufacturer 

 In order to grow its global share of revenues, our client wanted to identify  attractive markets in the CIS region for entry   Read More>>



 Due diligence support for a VC planning to invest in a bearing manufacturer

 Our client wanted to gauge the potential opportunity and an estimate of the  target’s potential cash flows based on market dynamics   Read More>>