Engine technologies 2020 and beyond: Non auto – A Report by GrowthPraxis

     Engine technologies 2020 and beyond: Non auto – A Report by Knowledgefaber    Author:SushilRajpurohit and AnuragAgrawal  1.   Executive summary The world would be a very different place without the diesel engine, the workhorse of the modern era as over the past/present century automotive as well as non-automotive industries like construction, power generation and...
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Indian Non Auto Engine market: Snapshot

Market demand and characteristics Written by- Mr. Sushil Rajpurohit, Consulting Partner, GrowthPraxis When we talk of engines the first segment which comes to our mind is On Highway. Glamorous images of fancy cars, trucks and buses run through our mind. Same is true for India as well. No doubt, India provides huge and interesting opportunities in the On highway engine ...
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Fuel Cell Opportunity in India

Written by Gaurav Vasu. Drivers, Limitations, and opportunities in the fuel cell market in India has been discussed in the article     Fuel cells have been called as the “microchip of the hydrogen age,” this clean renewable energy source is seen as alternative to fossil fuel used in running world’s economy. In this paper we will be looking at what is the c...
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Alternative Propulsion Systems in BRICs

Written by Nilesh Ranjan and Sumit Kumar. This study talks about different kinds of alternative propulsion systems for vehicles and their market penetration in emerging economies mainly BRICs (Brazil, India, China, and Russia) and some comparisons with the US as well. It also lays out the challenges faced by these systems and how the world is reacting to them while accepting...
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