Important Forecasts in the Payments Industry

GrowthPraxis have aggregated information on some limited aspects from the payments industry and have compared the numbers presented (pertaining to the US market). Here are the factors under consideration: US Mobile Proximity Payment Transaction Volume Mobile proximity payments represent those transactions where mobile phones are used at the point-of-sale (POS) in lieu of card...
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“Invest In Best”- Talent supply management of Indian IT industry

Invest in best
The corporate world is in the midst of a fundamental change. In the next decade, the ability of organizations to manage their global talent effectively will mark the difference between successes and failures. In every sector, an Indian corporation is competing for the right talent. The same is true in the IT industry. The vast majority of outsourcing firms in India is facing ch...
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Indian auto market characteristics

Automotive Image
Introduction It is a known fact that health of country’s automotive industry is one of the key indicators of the manufacturing competitiveness of the country. What is also important is, how vibrant is the complete eco system with all OEM manufacturers, component manufacturers, manufacturing practices, local market demand, export demand, etc. No doubt India has emerged as one ...
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Globalization – Imparting Growth Momentum to Manufacturing India Inc.

Written by Sushil Rajpurohit, Pavan Rajput, and Amit Goel: Globalization, as we know, is more of a practice than a concept for corporations yearning to make a mark on the global stage. Ever since the idea of going global was implemented successfully by Mr. Aditya Birla way back in 1969, more and more Indian companies followed suit putting India on the global map. Successful ex...
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