US Alternative Lending Market Report

(Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Online Platform based Business lending) The future of alternative lending is looking bright in the US. Non-traditional alternative lending has grown rapidly in the last few years. Alternative lending caters to those customers who need cash but might not qualify for traditional bank loans because of poor credit profiles. P2P (Peer to Peer Lending) and ...
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U.S. Payments Authentication and Security Market Report

“Companies around the world lose US $3.5 trillion to fraud each year, according to a report by the  Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The average loss of revenue per organization is 5% annually.” “The quantum of third party fraud in 2013 was 34.1 Million, with a value of US $6.7 Billion (Federal Reserve Payments Study and GrowthPraxis Estimates).” Our research sho...
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Roadmap for NFC/RFID Based Proximity Marketing (2015/16) Report

The launch of iPhone 6 with NFC has changed the NFC landscape in the U.S. both on the handset side as well as infrastructure. Many researchers believe that digital technologies will influence a large portion of 1.1 Trillion dollar of in-store retail sales. NFC technology is one of the major technologies in this equation and the application(s) is called Proximity Marketing. Imag...
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Roadmap for Beacon Based Proximity Marketing (2015/16) Report

Many researchers believe digital technologies will influence a large portion of 1.1 Trillion dollar of in-store retail sales. Beacons are one of the major technologies in this equation. Introduction of beacons by Apple and Qualcomm in later half of 2013 brought momentum in proximity marketing. Currently there are 60+ proximity marketing companies in U.S., many of which are u...
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Mobile Payments Market in India; Proximity Payments Still Nascent

With more than 900 million mobile subscribers, India has a burgeoning desire for internet on mobile, and the same should be expected for payments and commerce on mobile. Although mobile payments have been available in India since 2010, only a small fraction of the mobile users make payments through mobile devices. Companies such as mChek and Beam Money who were early innovators...
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