Screen Size wars – Smart mobile devices

    Screen size as differentiator in tablet and smartphone market: The above chart shows key product launches of smartphones and tablets over the last 7 years. Between 2007 and 2009/2010 there was a focus on small screen sizes and from 2010, marked by the launch of ipad and its success. Since than there has been a growing interest of all the major smart...
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Indian Telecom Carriers’ KPIs

Recently, GrowthPraxis carried out a research to gauge the Q-o-Q performance of the carriers after the Q2 results of the current financial year(2012-13) of the carriers were released. The following image gives an account of performances of various carriers on basis of the KPIs. * Note: All KPI indicate values based on the Q2 results of financial year 2012-13, released by the...
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Domestic manufacturers will account for more than 40% of Telecom Hardware Equipment needs in India by 2015!

Recently the news that domestic players were waiting for eagerly came. India may impose a 17.5% import duty on wireless equipment to dissuade imports. What could be the implications of such initiative by the government? How far will it go in helping domestic manufacturing? Will it also bring some side effects for the telecom industry with it? To understand the story better, le...
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Will Micromax overtake Samsung in India?

samsung vs micromax
An analysis by Aditya Mishra & Amit Goel Few years ago, it would have been hard to believe that a domestic handset manufacturer will be selling more smartphones than the global giants in Indian market, and players like Samsung and Nokia will face increasing difficultly in competing with it. Some believe its going to be a reality very soon! The stats speak for themselves: ...
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Datawind & Aakash – past present and future

Promptly replying to our email and call after learning about us (GrowthPraxis) and our request, Suneet Singh Tuli is a very busy yet a humble and accessible man. He has a herculean task at hand.  People talk about Datawind, a company he founded along with his family members about a decade ago, in different tones "small tech shop" "flash in the pan" "company in news" "game chang...
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