Cloud computing adoption – Large enterprises in India

GrowthPraxis research report titled, “Cloud computing adoption: Large enterprises in India” provides an overview on cloud computing market-size worldwide and in emerging economies like APAC and Latin America. Report provides in-depth coverage of cloud adoption by large enterprises in India in terms of total market-size, market-size by sectors, key drivers and challenges and adoption trends of various cloud delivery and deployment models. Report also covers current role of telcos in providing cloud services to enterprises, enterprise mobility and cloud computing and suggested cloud migration path for enterprises.

Executive Summary

Current IT architecture has led organizations world-wide to allocate nearly 70% of their IT budgets to keep existing applications running, leaving scope for only 30% to create new value. With increased business complexity and declining profit margins, companies are now looking at cloud computing as new IT business model to create more value, achieve cost benefits and business agility. Cloud computing is witnessing robust adoption across the world, especially amongst developing markets such as APAC and Latin America with countries from APAC such as India, China, Australia and Singapore leading the way.

GrowthPraxis research indicates that cloud computing market in APAC is expected to reach $6.2 billion by 2015. Cloud computing market in India is expected to cross the $ 1 billion mark by 2014, growing at a CAGR of 32% between 2011 and 2015. Cloud computing provides obvious benefits to small and medium enterprises in India in terms of CAPEX and reduced application deployment time. SMEs have no existing or legacy IT setup, providing them an opportunity to leap frog to the new business model. The migration approach of large enterprises towards cloud computing, however, remains to be seen. The report provides an overview on cloud computing market across the world with details on Indian cloud computing market. Report provides in-depth coverage of current cloud computing adoption scenario by large enterprises in India and future market growth projections

Cloud computing market by sectors – Large Indian Enterprises(2011)

Currently about 40% of total IT spending in India comes from large enterprises and substantial investment is expected from this segment in cloud computing as well. With legacy infrastructure in place and existing investments in enterprise software licenses, the migration path in terms of cloud delivery and deployment models for large enterprises will be different from SMBs. Research indicates IaaS as cloud delivery model will witness higher adoption rates amongst large Indian enterprises, with the IaaS market set to grow at 40% CAGR between 2011 and 2015. Enterprises belonging to Manufacturing, BFSI, Healthcare, ICT, Government & Education sectors are expected to be major cloud adopters driven by higher IT spending and increasing need for cloud-based services. The report details total IT and cloud spend of each of these sectors for the year 2011.  The report also has case studies on cloud adoption by some of the large enterprises spanning across various sectors.

Enterprise case studies include Sterlite technologies, Siva group, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bajaj Autofinance, Essar group, Hexaware, Dabur, Godrej properties with details on their business case for cloud deployments, delivery model adopted and benefits achieved and references on various cloud vendors such as, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM , HCL and Wipro

The report also covers how government and education sector are leveraging the cloud citing cloud implementations from J&K Government, Orissa and Tamil Nadu Government andeducational institutions like IIT delhi, AICTE and IIM Bangalore.

As part of the study, GrowthPraxis has validated market-size and various growth projections from Industry experts

Key questions answered:

  1. What is the total cloud computing market size worldwide and across regions such as North America, EMEA and Japan? How will the market grow in next 5 years?
  2. What is market size for cloud computing in emerging markets such as APAC and Latin America and what is the forecast for the next 5 years?
  3. How is Cloud computing landscape in India? What can be expected in future?
  4. What is cloud computing uptake by large enterprises in India? What are the major sectors witnessing cloud adoption?
  5. Who are the early adopters amongst large enterprises?
  6. How are telcos gearing up to offer cloud services in India?
  7. What can be the cloud migration path for enterprises in India?