Employee’s Speak

Nagarajan Ganesan ( Director & Delivery Head)

The biggest positive in the firm is its management who has shown trust in my capabilities. I grew from an Associate to my current role as Director and Delivery Head within a span of 4 years. I’m also a proud of the sweat equity that I own in the firm now. The firm has done a lot to promote “work life balance”. Even at this role – I get to leave office around 7 PM.

Arindam Roy (Assistant Manager)

I manage research/consulting projects at the company and I have gained a rich experience working across multiple industries. It has been a great experience at GrowthPraxis over all these years. You get to work with clients, experts and companies from across the world. The work life balance is great; very few start-up professionals have such a thing. Office hours are typically 10 to 7 PM with Saturday/Sunday free to rest and enjoy. Decision making is fast and you get to express your opinions freely.

Saumya Dhaundiyal (Consultant)

I am responsible for coming up with research solutions to client problems through extensive primary/secondary research. When i joined, I had no prior work experience but GrowthPraxis provided me with opportunities for learning and improving my skills. I always had a great interest in Marketing and because of the company’s flexible employee-oriented approach, I was allowed to add that to my profile.

Shubha (Associate Consultant)

I work as a research analyst at GrowthPraxis, providing solutions to client requests through in-depth research. Researching on the current and upcoming opportunities in the economy is making the day to day work interesting. Its good to be part of GrowthPraxis’s intellectual skill set and to be guided by experienced professionals in this field.

Priti Thakur (Research Analyst)

As a RA – most of my time is spent on market and industry analysis. Within a short span, I have developed skills around secondary research, competitive intelligence and market sizing. GrowthPraxis has given me immense opportunity to learn as a Fresher. The work culture is also very good. All my peers are cooperative and helpful.

Our Alumni (Ex-employees)

Dev Vig (Now a budding Entrepreneur and has launched an exciting app)

I was responsible for BD at GrowthPraxis, focusing on getting new clients. It was a great place to be in – full of fresh talent, ideas and ideal work culture.

Vipul Vohra (DGM, Sales Strategy at Lodha Group)

I worked in a project management role at GrowthPraxis handling various consulting assignments. Some of the projects were really cutting-edge with lot of opportunities for learning and growth. The entrepreneurial spirit prevailing at GrowthPraxis really brings out the best in every employee making work fun.

Abhishek Mehta (Entrepreneur, founded his own start-up)

The biggest learning for me from the firm was learning multi-tasking and the way businesses are run. At a given point, I had to work across multiple clients and projects which varied drastically in terms depth, timeline, scope and complexity. Thanks to the team which made it look so easy! Now, I’m an entrepreneur myself :)

Ashish Rayapuraju (Business Analyst at Genpact)

Good place to work for a self motivated, result driven individual who wants to work in the consulting industry across different verticals in a challenging and rewarding environment