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GrowthPraxis research report titled, “Mobile Cloud computing: Enabling services, platforms & technologies” provides a perspective on key enablers that could facilitate adoption of Mobile Cloud Computing worldwide, with special focus on emerging & developing countries in APAC region. With worldwide mobile device shipments including smartphones and tablets expected to reach 1.5 Billion units by 2016, consumers are expected to rely on mobile devices for consumption of data & accessing information on the move. Mobile workforce is also witnessing a rise across the globe with 30% – 40% of the entire workforce expected to be mobile by 2013. Enterprises in such a scenario are increasingly looking to leverage mobile cloud to enable access to enterprise and business data on mobile devices. Retail consumers will also be looking to access cloud-based storage, coupled with content related to gaming, music, education, healthcare amongst others on mobile devices. The mobile cloud computing market is thus expected to witness robust growth & is expected to be worth $6 Billion worldwide by 2016, driven by strong demand pull from both enterprise & retail consumers.

Mobile cloud computing however has inherent limitations with regards to latency & bandwidth of mobile broadband networks, resource poverty on mobile devices, security & reliability. The report covers key enablers such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Video & Data Optimization services & mobile Content Delivery Networks (CDN) which can help alleviate these concerns. Mobile web & data optimization services, for example, can help reduce mobile internet traffic by 30% – 40%, thereby enabling better bandwidth utilization for mobile cloud computing services. Impact of technologies such as HTML5, Cloudlet, CloneCloud & mobile virtualization, along with enabling platforms such as Smartphones, tablet PCs and other Mobile Internet devices(MIDs) on mobile cloud uptake is also covered in the report.  The report covers current adoption scenario of these enablers across the globe, along with the prevalent competitive landscape, opportunities & challenges & innovative solutions being offered. It also covers competitor profiling of about 40 organizations, primarily start-ups, offering Data Optimization, mobile CDN and MDM solutions across the globe. The list includes companies such as MobileIron, Meraki, Boxtone, Fixmo, Ubitexx, 42 Gears Mobility systems, Zenprise, Miradore, Cotendo, Vantrix & Skyfire to name a few.

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