Russia Engine Bearing Market (January 2016)

Russia Engine Bearing Market (2015-2020)

GrowthPraxis presents in-depth insights of the engine bearing market in Russia. The detailed study helps present players and emerging bearing manufacturers to know the market potential of the Russia’s engine bearing industry. The Report covers analysis of aftermarket engine bearing market and OEM bearing market size, segmentation, drivers and its characteristics. It also covers the study of competitive landscape in Russia. The engine bearing market in Russia is analyzed from the years 2011 – 2015 and the projections are given from 2016- 2020. The data is collected from exhaustive primary research and secondary research.

Despite current challenges, Russia remains one of the most significant and attractive automotive sales markets in the world. There is high growth prospect of 0.5 Million vehicle additions by 2020. The Comparably majority of market share is occupied by large vehicles. This is increasing the demand for engine bearings in Russia. The Russia engine bearing industry is worth USD xxx for 2015 and expected to reach 62.4 M by 2020. Players like Daido, DZV and Tambov plant hold more than 50% of the market share. Wholesalers & distributors are the most preferred sales channel when it comes to Aftermarket. Various factors like low energy cost and low labor cost is attracting many investors, but due to political issues there is no significant changes happening. Aftermarket engine bearing occupy XX% of the market where replacement occupy the major market share. OEM engine bearing occupy XX% market share in which top 5 OEM players occupy more than XX% market share. Export opportunities have so far been exploited only in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Azerbaijan. The Players such as Daido metal are positioned as quality players.

Table of contents

I. Russia engine bearing summary

  1. Russia engine bearing market size (Value)
  2. Russia engine bearing market share by players
  3. Russia engine bearing market size by structure and customer segments

II. OEM engine bearing market in Russia

  1. OEM engine bearing Market in Russia: Market drivers
  2. OEM engine bearing Market in Russia: Market structure
  3. OEM engine bearing Market in Russia: Market characteristics

III. Aftermarket engine bearing market in Russia

  1. Aftermarket engine bearing market in Russia: Demand drivers
  2. Aftermarket engine bearing market in Russia: Market structure
  3. Aftermarket engine bearing market in Russia: Customer landscape
  4. Aftermarket engine bearing market in Russia: Market characteristics

IV. Russia engine bearing market competitive landscape summary

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