Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales chief’s face critical challenges from changing customer needs, competition and advancement of technology. GrowthPraxis supports companies across industries in overcoming these challenges and helps them in capturing new opportunities. We work with the senior management to drive these transformational changes resulting in profitable growth.

Key Services

Our Sales and Marketing offerings includes:

Customer Insights and Segmentation: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning involve dividing a broad market into fragments of consumer with a similar demand. GrowthPraxis’s team of analytics experts help marketing executives identify products, services and appropriate channels which will be effective and relevant for each customer segment.

Product Strategy: Using consumer and technology insights, GrowthPraxis helps product firms develop new product concepts. In addition, we also help firms reshape product portfolios and develop technology roadmaps for long term sustainability

Pricing Strategy: Stiff competition and evolving consumer needs in addition to tough market conditions cuts of business margins. Pricing strategy becomes extremely crucial. GrowthPraxis collaborates with companies, helping them build, implement and sustain advanced pricing capabilities through a closed-loop approach that includes strategy, analytics, price setting and execution to enable high performance

Forecasting: The intrinsic ambiguity of the market complicates business planning. Understanding fundamental market drivers, Inhibitors and their effect in influencing product demand is necessary for effective business planning. Furthermore, forecasts are critical for budget and resource allocation. Forecasting is an art that accounts market factors empowering firms to make great business decisions.

Go to Market Strategy: Changing internal and external factors such as customers, market, and competition calls for transformational approach to strategy. Our team helps sales and marketing executives identify latent growth opportunities, develop a clear sales and marketing strategy and implement the necessary changes to penetrate deeper into the market.

Sales Channel Strategy: Selecting the right channel for each customer segments is of at most priority. With advent of technology, today customers prefer complete and customized buying experience. If these demands go unmet, they may switch suppliers or channels. GrowthPraxis team helps clients address elementary questions such as which segments to cover, through which channel and how.

Sales force & channel Effectiveness: GrowthPraxis helps clients better manage multi channel for sales by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the channels. Our service offerings include dealer identification, dealer training, dealer network restructuring, sales force effectiveness, sales force compensation design and territory management.