Singapore: Technology Talent Pool Report, 2015

Executive Summary:

One of the biggest challenges for growing companies has been the availability of skilled talent. The industry requires specific skill sets such as software developers, analytics professionals, product and program managers to combat the unforeseen challenges the industry is expected to face.

GrowthPraxis has come up with a new report “Singapore Technology Talent Report” which gives an overview of the Fresh graduates and total employment under various IT skills in Singapore. The objective of the report is to analyse the total number of talent available in Singapore that matches the skills / experience of the IT industry. The report covers the total employment in Singapore for various IT skills such as BI/DW, .Net, Java, Pega, DBA, Unix, Windows among others. The report also include split by citizenship (Singapore Citizens, versus Foreign Nationals) and experience wise split of total employment under IT skills mentioned.

Key Findings of the report:

 I. The overall proportion of international students at Singapore’s local universities was around 20% in 2006, 18% in 2011, and 16% in 2013/14.  

 II. The computing, science and engineering courses at NUS, NTU and SMU have more international students at 26%, as there is currently less interest from Singapore students in pursing education in these streams.

 III. The total fresh talent pool  of Singapore in 2015 is 71,057 and is projected to be xxx by 2020



Key questions answered by the report:

- Total fresh talent pool in post-secondary education and Fresh graduates in Singapore split by degree, streams, type of universities etc

- Projection of talent available in the country from 2015 to 2020

- Talent pool already available in skills such as SAP, Oracle, Programming languages, Cloud computing etc

- Average compensation offered by companies for various Technology skills

Key Benefits of the report:

- The report aids in formulation of effective business expansion plans with a clear picture of talent pool availability;

- Skill development; and Sales planning (Proposal development)

- Setting targets for recruitment teams and market Intelligence


Through a combination of primary and secondary research an exhaustive list of relevant companies was identified and based on revenue and FTE criteria, a desired sample set of companies for each domain was arrived at to get desired coverage. The mapped companies were analyzed to evaluate talent at the domain level/skills level.

Table of Contents:

 I. Fresh Talent Pool

  1. Summary of education system in Singapore
  2. Fresh graduates in Singapore
  3. Graduates split by streams of study
  4. Graduates split by degree of study
  5. Projections of fresh graduates in Singapore (2015 to 2020)      

 II.  Technology employment in Singapore: Experience level, Nationality split and compensation

  1. SAP
  2. Oracle
  3. Business intelligence and Data warehousing
  4. .Net
  5. Java
  6. Pega
  7. DBA
  9. Share point
  10. Testing
  11. Solution architect
  12. Program managers, and Business analyst
  13. SMAC
  14. Mainframe/AS400
  15. Infrastructure Outsourcing
  16. Analytics and Big Data 

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