Thailand Power Tillers And Tractors Market Report (December 2015)

Thailand is an agricultural country with approximately 21 million ha or 41% of the total area used for agricultural purposes. Agriculture is an important sector and the largest source of employment for the rural population of the country. About 38.6% of the total population is engaged in this sector. Sugarcane, Paddy, Cassava, Palm Fruit and Maize are the major crops in Thailand. Rice, Maize and sugarcane are important domestic food commodities as well as foreign exchange earners. The country has a better irrigation system with 40% of its area under irrigation.

The objective of this report is to provide data and insights around the two important agricultural machinery segments in Thailand namely power tillers and tractors. The report provides current market size for tractors and tillers (2015) and forecasts the demand for these products until 2020. The report is designed to help new entrants understand the market dynamics and develop an appropriate entry strategy.

Key Highlights:

Mechanization in Thailand:

Mechanization played a significant role in increasing agricultural production by completing farm operations in time, reducing cost of production, drudgery and increasing crop intensity. Land preparation is the most mechanized agriculture process in Thailand, especially for Rice, Paddy. All other processes like harvesting and sowing have average mechanization. Water pumps also have significant mechanization compared to other countries. Thailand is the biggest market for agricultural machinery in the Southeast Asian region.


Thailand has a lot of potential in Tractor and Tiller market as farmers tend to use agricultural mechanization in their works due to lack of farm labor. The country has a strong local production driving local tractor sales. Japan, UK and US are the major exporters to SE Asian countries. Labor shortages, cropping intensification and the need for increased efficiency and power during the peak pre-harvest and post-harvest operations is the major driving factor for increased mechanization within the country. High spending on R&D, increasing credit support by BAAC and reduction of prices on all farm machinery will be the key drivers for mechanization.

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Table of Contents:

I. Executive Summary

II. Overview Of Agricultural Economy In Thailand

  1. GDP and agriculture contribution to GDP
  2. Total workforce and agriculture workforce
  3. Total land area and agriculture land area
  4. Climate and weather pattern in the country
  5. Key crops in the country
  6. Farming patterns in the country
  7. Irrigation and mechanization status

III. Power Tiller Market In Thailand

  1. Market size and market share
  2. Market segmentation power and fuel
  3. Market structure: imports versus local production

IV. Tractor Market Analysis In Thailand

  1. Market size and market share
  2. Market segmentation by power and drive mechanism
  3. Market structure: imports versus local production

V.  Company profiles of key manufacturers

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