The Potential of Renewable Energy in Indonesia



Indonesia is one of Asia’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases, with land use change and deforestation as the primary culprits. The country is facing the challenge  of greenhouse gas emissions that is expected to triple the current amount by 2025. Indonesia’s current installed power capacity is at 52GW and the government plans to increase it by another 35GW in another five years. Demand is expected to grow at an average of 8.4% p.a. due to rapid urbanisation and industrialisation.Renewable energy accounts for a small 6% of the Indonesian energy sector. The sector eventually is slowly growing with the initiatives and steps taken by the government of Indonesia.


Renewable Energy_Indonesia


“Indonesia’s Renewable energy sector accounts only 6% of the country’s energy sector”

The government of Indonesia has pledged to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the country by 26 percent by 2020. 

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