Value Proposition

Value Proposition

GrowthPraxis is different from other consulting firms due to its unique methodology and network. GrowthPraxis adopts an exhaustive primary and secondary research process, wherein, data is collected from industry associations, regulatory bodies and industry participants across the value chain giving exhaustive and factual perspective including latest trends, faster insights, and experiences about the sector. This, coupled with other techniques such as leveraging of social networks, participant databases, gives a sound base for the collection of appropriate data.

Our Differentiators

GrowthPraxis Network (Circle of experts): Over the years, we have built a strong network of a group of professionals (consisting of hundreds of industry experts) from across the globe in the sectors which we follow.

Client-Focused Approach: We take pride in our solutions/recommendations all of whom have been successfully implemented and have benefited our clients. We make it a priority to build a service-oriented partnership with our clients, going above and beyond the “requirements” to put our clients’ needs first. The result is that, we have a 100 percent repeat client rate. 

Functional Expertise: Our seasoned team has expertise and experience in research, state-of-the-art  consulting processes and knowledge management procedures. In addition, we routinely come up with custom unique approaches and solutions if the client problem requires out of the box thinking.

Action-Oriented Approach: The GrowthPraxis team believes in actionable results for its clients. Our reports present actionable recommendations and roll out plans. They are laid out in a concise, professional format, matching recommendations with compelling visuals that help convey the key message.